The Incrementalist

This fusion of fact and fiction brings authenticity to a little known facet of Canadian history.

In September,1939, a modest country with limited resources or military tradition signs up for world war.

Frances McFadden finds herself propelled into the top echelon at the Bank of Canada as it faces the crushing weight of financing the conflict.

Marginalized as a female, Frances struggles to support a worthy cause with the help of a  curious raft of characters. Her budding romance is compromised by covert duties that the Official Secrets Act prevents her from sharing.

On June 21, 1940, as France falls, a warship sits in Halifax harbour with three hundred million in French gold that the Bank of Canada has promised to safeguard. But…

The Author

Ian McKercher lives in the Glebe area of Ottawa with his wife, Amelia.

His apprenticeship to writing began accidentally at age thirteen when he was given a day-diary for Christmas.

Teaching English at Glebe Collegiate for twenty-five years amidst thoughtful colleagues and curious students kept him engaged with the printed word. His writing flows from a belief that Canada has an esteemed but undiscovered history that is ripe for acknowledgement.

The popular response to his first novel, The Underling, (published in 2012) encouraged him to write The Incrementalist as a sequel.

Ian McKercher

Ian McKercher


The Incrementalist is now available in several electronic formats including Kindle and Kobo

Ian McKercher’s second novel, The Incrementalist, will not disappoint his fans. Written as a sequel to The Underling, many of the familiar characters are back.

World War II is all heady stuff for Ottawa High School of Commerce dropout Frances McFadden, who takes on the challenge with all the common sense and pluck we’ve come to know her for.

As the story progresses, the reader is struck with the haunting fear that Frances is on a path that few would willingly chose.

Terry West

The Glebe Report

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My Previous Book – The Underling

The Underling is my first novel. It’s an example of old-fashioned story-telling in the tradition of Somerset Maugham. The story is plot driven and unfolds in chronological order. The characters are imperfect but likeable.

The story is set in Ottawa in the 1930s. The language and tone reflect those times.

The Underling is not based on a true story although it deals with historical characters and some real events.

The novel is now out of print. A few copies are still available direct from the Author.
eBook Formats Available